Queen Slaps Olinda Chapel In the Face With Tytan Getting United Kingdom Settlement Status

HIV positive Olinda Chapel has been hit with a deadly blow by United Kingdom authorities after reports emerged that her former husband Njabulo Nkomo has been granted settlement status in the country.

The news , though unconfirmed has been disclosed by Tatelicious Karigambe who did not reveal her sources but sent congratulatory message to Mr Nkomo.

Serial divorcee Olinda ,35 with a string of men to her belt recently wrote a petition to United Kingdom authorities asking them to deport Mr Nkomo following the collapse of their marriage.The petition read : DEPORT MR NJABULO TYTAN NKOMO BACK TO ZIMBABWE- FRAUD;MARRIAGE FOR INDEFINITE LEAVE & FAME

The petition attracted nearly 2000 signatures but it seems her effort has gone to the dust bin after it has been established Mr Nkomo is a victim of domestic violence.