Sikhonjwa Discharged From Hospital
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Sikhonjwa Discharged From Hospital

BULAWAYO comedian and socialite Babongile Sikhonjwa was yesterday discharged from Mpilo Central Hospital after spending two weeks in the Intensive Care Unit following a horrific car crash at the Nguboyenja fly over in the city.

Last month, Sikhonjwa was coming from the DJ Zinhle’s All White Party at Horizon Night Club when he was involved in an accident en route to the western suburbs.

He was travelling with fellow comedian Clive Chigubu and a bouncer from The Lounge Nightclub.

Sikhonjwa sustained a broken left collar bone and cracked ribs in the accident.

Speaking from his hospital bed, a jovial Sikhonjwa said all was well and he was happy that he was getting discharged.

“I feel much better thanks and I’m just grateful that I’m leaving the hospital. What I can also say is that I’m on the mend and I’ll be back to my usual self soon. I came out of ICU on New Year’s Day,” he said.

Sikhonjwa said doctors gave him two weeks to fully recover from his injuries and he could now use his left hand.

“I’m walking about and I can now use my left hand. I can pick things up. It was an unfortunate incident and I’m glad that I’m alive and it’s nothing short of a miracle,” he said.

Sikhonjwa commended the staff at Mpilo Central hospital describing them as supportive and professional in all they did during his 13-day stint there.

“The ICU personnel at Mpilo are top notch. Even the equipment is of high quality something that I didn’t think I would find there. I would like to commend them for their professional work during my stay there,” he said.

Speaking on the accident, Sikhonjwa like Chigubu, said all he remembers was that he was following another vehicle and the next thing he hit a pole and woke up in hospital.

“I’m getting flash backs here and there and the little I remember was leaving the club and going to the western areas. We were following some car. I think there was debris on the road and I hit it then I remember ramming into the pole and then I woke up in hospital,” he said.

“I think by next week I would have remembered what transpired.”

Sikhonjwa said he was thankful to all the people who supported and prayed for him during the time he was in hospital.

“I was touched when I saw so many messages of get-well soon and prayers that I found on my phone and facebook page. It’s unfortunate I got to see them this year and I’m still replying some. There were people who came to see me and some artistes actually sang. I’m grateful and I would like to thank everyone who did that for me,” he said.

Sikhonjwa, who was driving a Mercedes Benz C230, reportedly failed to negotiate the bend at the Nguboyenja fly-over, lost control of the vehicle resulting in the car hitting a lamppost before over overturning.

Unconfirmed reports say the airbag pushed him out of the rear window while Chigubu was also thrown out of the car. Chigubu was treated and discharged and was recovering from home.



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