Teachers demand 100% salary rise
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Teachers demand 100% salary rise

TEACHERS have threatened a massive nationwide strike if government does not increase their salaries by 100% by the end of this month.

The teachers, who are getting salaries of less than $500 per month, say that their monthly salaries should be raised to $1 020 starting this January.

The Professional Educators Union of Zimbabwe (PEUZ), on Saturday held an urgent meeting in Harare and resolved that the $1 020 should be effected by the end of this month.

PEUZ national chairman Wilson Makanyaire told NewZimbabwe.com in an interview after the meeting that the government should brace itself for a teachers strike if it fails to increase the teachers’ salaries by the end of this month.

“We are saying that a salary of not less than $1 020 be given to the teachers on the next pay date and failure by the government to do so means that they should brace themselves for a massive national strike,” he said.

“We are also calling upon the new labour Minister Prisca Mupfumira to call for negotiations as soon as yesterday but not forgetting that she is new on that portfolio which was under Nicholas Goche who we used to engage with.”

The government is struggling to pay its workers and last year it failed to pay all the civil servants their bonuses on time.

Teachers got their 2014 bonuses this week while government announced that it had staggered the bonus payments with the rest of the civil servants due to receive theirs within days.

Virtually all civil servants are unhappy with the situation with the health workers said to be on a go slow over their unpaid bonuses and other grievances related to poor working conditions.

There were hopes that the government would increase civil servants’ salaries early this year but so far indications are that it will fail to do so especially as it has been postponing salary payment dates for its workers since last year.NewZimbabwe


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