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Temba Mliswa implicated in White City bombing

by reporter263

Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa’s ex-lover is not done yet soiling the public figure’s image and has come out claiming the legislator has some intel on the 2018 White City bombing which almost killed President Mnangagwa and injured several high delegation members including deaths.

The motor-mouth girlfriend is all out exposing the MP’s bedroom shenanigans including how he used to ask for some k!nky bedroom stuff.

In a series of Tweets, the lover said Temba Mliswa said something concerning the White City bombings after exchanging fluids. She said;

@TembaMliswa stop lying to people and cooking up chats about me anyway it would be in the best interests of the nation for you to tell them what happened at White City in Bulawayo just as you told me when we had finished having s_ex together.

Hatidi zvekunyepera vanhu ve Zimbabwe ngazvitaurwe zvese. Wanga usingandikumbire here kuti ndikubate kumudhidhi wako uchiti it helps you C*M and it excites u. Uchida four f!ngers mukati. Please leave me alone and in peace @TembaMliswa. Ndinyarewo.

As people bombarded her to a cease-fire, Linda Musairiri begging her to stop taking bedroom issues on social media, the relentless Susan Musairi responded harshly.

My dear ndini ndakaramba Temba, I’m not a scorned lover as he says. He’s a piece sh*t. My mental health and emotional stability is in Check. He tried to portray me as an insane person. Kana kutaura chokwadi kuchipengesa then so be it. Ngazvitaurwe

However, others dared her to report the matter to police if she has information on the White City bombing;

even if she telling the truth,these sound like sour grapes now,if you have info about the white city issue please tell us and we go report to the police,people lost their lives there and i think justice is needed

Another said;

So why don’t you just tell us what happened at White City Stadium. Since you have already told us the size of Themba’s an_us

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