Zimbabwean Achievers Honoured in US
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Zimbabwean Achievers Honoured in US

The inaugural Zimbabwe Annual Achievement Awards winners were announced at a glittering gala event this month with a star-studded line-up of Zimbabwean businessmen, socialites and celebrities at the black tie event held at Fort Worth Metroplex Dallas, — Texas in the United States.

The celebrations were crowned by heartfelt performances from Shastro, Elisha Shamuyarira, Far-Rose and Sandra Vito.

The achievement awards were a unique celebration of the positive impact of Zimbabweans on the American business sector and Zimbabwe and attracted a large crowd as Zimbabweans joined hands to celebrate the inaugural event.

Brian Mureverwi the founder of ZAAA, a businessman and active resident in the Dallas Zimbabwean community said that the idea was conceived as a way to appreciate those in the Zimbabwean community who go above and beyond, in trying to make a difference in other people’s lives.

“Several individuals have set up organisations to assist the less fortunate, and many in the community have gone above and beyond in helping , those who have lost loved ones. Losing a loved one when you are far away from home can bring depression if not surrounded by loved ones, but there are certain unsung heroes who take it upon themselves to avail themselves, the companionship and service to those grieving,”said Brian

“ We have organisations like Forbiz (Friends of Zimabawe) a group that sends computers to schools in Zimbabwe, Mai Banda Outreach, paying Tuition for Orphans among others ,”said Mureverwi.

Award winners were named in 11 categories for musicians, artists and actors. Some of the winners were:

1. Business Entrepreneur of the Year — Jesca Mukora

2. Community Champion of the Year — Clive Chinzou

3. Lifetime Outstanding Achievement Award — Mike Makoni

4. People’s Choice Award — Ivan Harrison

5. Personality of the Year — Wadzanai Thembani (Current Miss Zimbabwe USA)


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