Zimbabwe’s army ranked weaker than SA, Zambia and DR Congo in 2021

Zimbabwe’s army ranked weaker than SA, Zambia and DR Congo in 2021

REPUTABLE military ranking website, Global Firepower Index, has ranked Zimbabwe’s military as the 16th strongest in Africa and the 91 st out of 137 countries ranked across the world.

The 2021 report shows that Zimbabwe has not improved its ranking from the 2020 ranking, with a score of of 2.1882 (0.0000 considered ‘perfect’).

This year’s ranking also place Zimbabwe’s army ranking in a weaker position than that of its neighbours South Africa, Zambia, and fellow SADC nations DR Congo and Angola. However, the Zimbabwe army is ranked stronger than that of Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia and Malawi.

The military ranking takes into account the potential war capability of nations based on different factors, including resources; manpower; finances; geography; and the country’s naval, land, and air forces.

It estimated the total available people in Zimbabwe to serve military duty at over 5.5 million. Fit-for-service personnel in Zimbabwe are estimated at over 3.1 million, while active personnel stood at 30,000.

For airpower, Zimbabwe has 10 fighters, zero air tanker fleets, 28 helicopters and six attack helicopters.

The report shows that Zimbabwe equipped itself with heavy military equipment in terms of land forces.

The land forces feature for Zimbabwe shows that the country has 40 tanks, 300 armored vehicles, no self-propelled artillery, and 20 rocket projectors.

The country’s defense budget is estimated at US$400 million.

South Africa ranked third in Africa, after Egypt (1) and Algeria. The top 20 country rankings for Africa are: Egypt, Algeria, SA, Nigeria, Morocco, Ethiopia, Angola, Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, DR Congo, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, Chad and Zimbabwe.

There is also Ghana, Niger, Mali and Botswana to complete the top 20.

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