ZIMRA now charges duty on groceries sent from South Africa
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ZIMRA now charges duty on groceries sent from South Africa

THE Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) has directed its officials at the Beitbridge Border Post to demand import duty on all goods, including groceries, sent to Zimbabwe by individuals based in South Africa.

In a notice titled “Clearance of Goods/Groceries Sent by Individuals from South Africa”, ZIMRA said a travellers rebate is not applicable to all goods which are not accompanied by the owners, therefore, they have to pay duty in full.

The statement reads: “Please note that the following shall apply:

1) Every transporter shall transmit by email to ZIMRA, a Cargo Manifest not later than three (3) hours before the arrival of the vehicle at the port of entry;

2) The Cargo Manifest must include details of the transporter, individuals receiving the goods, description and quantities of the goods and must be signed by the driver in charge of the vehicle.

3) The manifest should be accompanied by a detailed schedule showing the full names, ID/passport numbers and addresses of each person whose goods are being transported and a full description, quantities and correct values of the goods;

A woman arrives to collect groceries from a Malaicha warehouse during a nationwide lockdown to help curb the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Harare, Zimbabwe, May 15, 2020. Picture taken May 15, 2020. REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo

Pre-clearance is mandatory in terms of the law and avoids delays associated with the clearance process when goods are already at the border.

Note: No Travelers Rebate Allowance is applicable as these goods are unaccompanied by the importers & therefore full duties are due and payable.

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