Macheso divorces

Macheso divorces

SHE’S JUST A FAN! . . . Macheso on beach picture

FTER a colourful wedding ceremony that drew more than 600 invited guests and almost 400 gatecrashers four years ago, Alick Macheso’s daughter Sharon and her husband of four years Kudakwashe Munetsi have amicably parted ways.

This comes after Sharon filed for divorce last week citing irreconcilable differences, amid shocking revelations they only stayed as husband and wife for two months in the past four years.

On Thursday last week, the two signed a consent paper, agreeing to part ways.

Alick Macheso’s daughter Sharon
Alick Macheso’s daughter Sharon

It reads: “We, the undersigned Sharon Munetsi (nee Macheso) and Kudakwashe Gladmore Munetsi, the plaintiff and the defendant respectively… agree that in the event of this honorable court granting an order of divorce then, if it pleases this honorable court, the following shall be incorporated in such order, that a decree of divorce be granted”.

According to the consent paper, Sharon will he granted custody of the minor child, while Munetsi will be given access to the child on alternative weekends and public holidays. The two, according to court papers, got married on August 6, 2014.

The marriage relationship between plaintiff and defendant has irretrievably broken down to the extent that there is no prospect of the restoration of marriage on the following grounds: the plaintiff and defendant only stayed together as husband and wife for two months since date of marriage.

The plaintiff defendant and defendant have lost love and affection towards each other.

The divorce proceedings are expected to be finalized today, after the matter was set down for hearing on an unopposed roll.₪


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