Not So Sweet As Sugar Refinery Employees Stage Demo Over Salaries

Starafrica Corporation’s employees have staged a demonstration at the company’s head office amid frustrations over unpaid salaries.

Workers at the Gold Star sugar refinery plant claim that they have not been paid their dues since September last year but are being required to report for duty despite their grievances. Employees at Gold Star, a division of starafrica Corporation reportedly spent the night and the early hours of the morning stationed at the gate at head office waiting to have a meeting with top management.

The workers particularly factory staff claim that they have not been paid for the past four months even though they had been promised that their wages were going to be paid in full by December before Christmas.

Some of the workers said they had attempted several times to speak directly to the chief executive Dr Samuel Mushiri but their requests were reportedly not met as only general managers were sent to address them.

A number of them reportedly felt top management was not talking to them because they were avoiding to pay them their salaries thus prompting them to organise a demonstration.