WATCH: Man grows Floppy breasts
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WATCH: Man grows Floppy breasts

IN an eerier than fiction story, a man from Cross Dete in Hwange District, Matabeleland North province developed huge lady-like breasts amid chilling revelations that at night they are being sucked for milk by a giant strange creature believed to be a snake.

Steeped in black magic beliefs, the man whose name is being withheld claimed the development of the sagging breasts was a result of witchcraft.

Feeling emotionally disturbed, the man decided to seek the services of a Bulawayo-based cleric Archbishop Emmanuel Mutumwa, the leader and founder of the Johane Masowe eChishanu Apostolic Church to find a lasting solution to his problem.

He became a topical issue in Cross Dete after he visited Madzibaba Mutumwa during one of his cleansing ceremonies in the area recently to receive divine intervention.

With his voice painting a grim portrait of a soul tormented by anguish, uncertainty and great fear he told Archbishop Mutumwa that he felt an unusual sensation on his chest, and before he knew it, his breasts became enlarged and have been growing since then, forcing him to wear oversized t-shirts and jackets to hide the bulge.

He also claimed that at night they are being sucked for milk by a giant strange creature he suspected was a snake.

As if that is not enough he claimed that at the same time, he felt a phantom touch, a pressure against his skin that seemed to emanate from an unseen source, leaving him both bewildered and violated.

In an interview, Bishop Mutumwa confirmed the shocking story saying the man was bewitched.

“It’s true that he came for help and from the way he was narrating how they are being sucked for milk at night by a snake, it was clear that he was bewitched. The fact that he also felt another man sleeping with him from the back makes it clear that someone from his family cast a spell on him,” said Archbishop Mutumwa.

He said the man would be healed and the sagging breasts disappear after he prayed for him adding that he had helped a lot of people who approached his shrine with similar problems.

“I prayed for him and after those series of prayers, the breasts will disappear. I can confirm that he is in the process of healing and the curse will go back to the sender. I also destroyed that mysterious snake that was sucking his breasts. I have so far prayed for two men with similar conditions, the most recent one was in Binga,” he said.

Commenting on the man’s rare condition, a traditionalist who preferred anonymity said the development of breasts in males can be a result of revenge.

“When a man grows breasts, we believe that he has been bewitched by someone after committing something socially unacceptable such as adultery or stealing someone’s property,” he said.

However, according to modern science, men’s breasts occur when the chest is exposed to high oestrogen to testosterone ratio.

Low testosterone levels in men can sometimes lead to a condition called gynaecomastia, or the development of breasts. It is caused by an imbalance of the body’s hormones in men.B-Metro

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