Zim teen lands a gig with Barcelona
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Zim teen lands a gig with Barcelona

There is an English locution that says “catch them while young.” This allegorical phrase has definitely materialized for Nevell Durawo.

By Daniel Itai

Regardless of having been born and raised in one of the oldest and fragmented residential areas of Harare, Nevell has risen to become one of the most shining beacons in Zimbabwean football.

From a tender age of 5 years the lad had already started showing significant signs of his true calling. Many thought the ghetto gawky football that he usually played was a lost cause but he proved otherwise.

Having been born and raised by a contemporary family proved to be of significant advantage for Nevell. The young parents quickly noticed their son’s talent and decided to enroll the young lad with Aces Academy where his talent got nourished for a while.

Due to his academic performance which was beginning to wane as a result of football, his parents decided to withdraw him from the academy.

After finishing his primary education, his parents saw it befitting to give Nevell a thrill by sending him to the Africa soccer trials which were being held in South Africa.

Nevell’s father, Kennedy Durawo, a devoted PHD Ministry follower was reported to have visited the guest house in April this year with a special prayer request for his son after making an application for his son to be admitted into an academy.

According to the report, God honoured his faith and his son was admitted into an academy in South Africa.

The young talented Neville was chosen whilst the other children were still undergoing trials.


As the saying goes you can’t put light under a transparent tin and expect it to be unseen. This was the case with Nevell, who became the first lad to be chosen amongst other 42 African players who had come to showcase their talents and the only Zimbabwean to be chosen.

Nevell was the talk of the mini tournament as he had his name on every scout’s tongue. Offers were raining as if it was spring. Some scouts didn’t even want to lose sight of the lad as they wanted to go back to their home countries with him.

After having reviewed offers from top clubs such as Stork City, Manchester City, AC Milan and Chelsea to mention just a few, Nevell decided to go with Barcelona F.C where he is scheduled to undergo trials in July.

Munya Mharira the Africa soccer trials coordinator was very much stunned by the lad ‘s exceptional use of footwork. So was his father Kennedy Durawo who was full of euphoria, ” I am very excited and proud of my son who has not only elevated his career but also the flag of the country.”

This is the same route that was taken by the legendary Lionel Messi. Nevell Durawo is perhaps the first Zimbabwean to be given such a platform by Barca. The 15 year old striker is certainly destined for greatness.

Meanwhile, twelve year old England based Tadiwanashe Machamire is also making huge trends as he is soon to be enrolled by Nottingham F.C.

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