Mwenezi RDC procures $6,94 million grader

Mwenezi RDC procures $6,94 million grader

MWENEZI-Mwenezi Rural District Council (RDC) has procured a grader at a total cost of $6.94 million.


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The grader was delivered at Neshuro Council offices on Sunday last week.

Mwenezi (RDC) Chief Executive Officer Albert Chivanga confirmed the development to The Mirror/Two Nations.
The procurement was funded through Devolution funds and the arrival of the machine will go a long way in improving road maintenance and saving costs.

“Mwenezi had just one grader and the new acquisition brings to two the number of graders that we have. This will enable us to adequately cover all roads in this sprawling district,’’ said Chivanga.

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