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Ms Shally Interview

So who exactly is Shaleen Manhire Nullens? Ms Shally was born in Harare, Zimbabwe on 26 October 1987 and moved to SA when she was 12 years old. The TV presenter, who graduated with an accounting degree from University of South Africa, is not resting on her laurels and is currently completing her MBA Degree.

We had a little “sit down” with the talented and beautiful Ms Shally to find out more about her TV show and what to expect from it, enjoy!

Who is Ms Shally?

Ms Shally is an entrepreneur, tv presenter a mother a wife, a sister and a friend.

Describe some of the challenges you had to face before making it into the industry.

Like many other inspiring stories you will hear on my show I have had a lot of no’s and sometimes just no response hence you know it’s a no [laughs].

If it wasn’t for the media space what other career would you have ventured out into?

Besides my passion in media I have always wanted to study law and be a Lawyer but my mother especially pushed me to study accounting.

With the launch of Conquered TV in December, what can we expect from the opening show?

You can expect the 1st show to get you hooked to Conquered for good.

How did the name “Conquered TV” come about?

The show is about the challenges they faced in order to make it into the industry now that they a big stars or brands rather it means they have conquered those challenges. That’s why I decided to call it Conquered.

What was the thought process behind having an online TV/Talk Show, why not actual TV?

Online video streaming has undergone exponential growth over the past few years. And one of the main advantages of Internet TV is accessibility, I want people to be able to watch my show from anywhere.

Do you plan on hosting a TV show some day?

Yes its surely part of the plan.

What are some of the greatest lessons you’ve learnt from other presenters in the industry?

Branding, when you look at one presenter to the other its amazing how one is more brand conscious than the other.

Favourite interview thus far and why?

[Laughs] I wish I could answer that, but I honestly can’t they all had something that just made me say woaw!!

Conquered TV

Where do you see Conquered TV in the next 5 years?

Right now we have a lot of A-list South African celebrities on the show I would love to see more from all over Africa and overseas.

What makes Conquered TV the “it” show to spend your time on when on the web, what makes it unique?

The stories are not about the glitz and glam that we always hear about, but how they made it to the top. Something to keep your spirits up one would surely make time for.

What are some of the timelines around the airing of shows? Should we expect an interview everyday from Ms Shally?

It will be once a week, every Thursday at 7:30pm on

Is Conquered TV only accessible in South Africa or do you plan on venturing out into other African countries or even the world?

That is why we starting online so that we can be accessible to the world.

If granted the chance to interview a great icon in the media space, who would it be and why?

Oprah Winfrey love her show and how she started small and now she I a big brand.

Describe marriage hood and mother hood, any advice for new comers such as yourself?

To be a wife, mother and career woman it’s quite challenging and at the same time a blessing. It has improved my time management skills [laughs], the best part is my husband, my family and the few trustworthy friends I have are very supportive.

For the new comers if you have a passion for something do not give up, failure is part of success you have to keep pushing until you have achieved your dream.

Your house is burning what are the first 5 things you grab?

Laptop, Passport (got too many long term visas), Cell Phone(all my contacts in there), Picture Albums(with my old baby pictures),

What words does Ms Shally live by?

“In HIM I live move and have my being”

Any advice for the youth of South Africa?

Don’t look for quick ways to make money or to make it to the top, usually that route will not be sustainable you will go down fast.

If Ms Shally was turned into an acronym what words would you use to describe yourself?

Strong Honorable Ambitious Lady Lead ‘by’ Yahwe

How can your fans reach you?

instagram : @msshallyofficial

twitter: @Shally_7


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