Grace Mugabe performed strange rituals on Robert Mugabe’s body after chasing all of us from the house: Family

GRACE Mugabe, the widow of the late former President Robert Mugabe, reportedly performed strange rituals on the body of her husband before, during and after burial.

The Daily News quotes close family members saying that Mugabe’s sickness, death and burial were highly associated with superstition.

One family member told the Daily News said: “There was no body viewing on the day of burial. No one knows if Mugabe still had a nose, two eyes, two hands or two legs because Grace didn’t allow the viewing of his body.

“Before the burial, she ordered out relatives and friends from where the body was, and remained in the room with her children for a considerable period of time.

“No one knows what she was doing with the children and the remains of the former president. Our suspicion is that she was carrying out some rituals.”

Leo Mugabe, the spokesperson of the Mugabe family during the bereavement period, said that the Mugabe family was not superstitious, but Grace had brought superstition with her from Singapore.


He said she even claimed that Mugabe had ordered her not to allow his remains to leave her sight.

Grace aand the late former President Robert Mugabe

Mugabe, who died of advanced cancer in Singapore on 6th September, was set to be buried at the National Heroes Acre as Government was already constructing his mausoleum.

However, things took a dramatic turn when Grace Mugabe suddenly insisted on taking the body to Mugabe’s rural Zvimba homestead in Kutama Village, angering Zanu-PF bosses.

Mugabe was buried in the sprawling rural yard, between the houses of his late wife Sally Mugabe and that of Grace Mugabe. Reports indicated that his grave was sealed off with reinforcements to ensure “treasure hunters do not dig up his body” for rituals.-Dailynews