Inside Story : Oppah Muchinguri ‘s Child Tanya with Robert Mugabe

Oppah Muchinguri with Mugabe

Many have wondered why OppahMuchinguri has emerged as this all powerful kingmaker ahead of EmmersonMnangagwa the once feared godfather of ZANU PF politics.

Very few have a full understanding of the relationship that exists between Robert Mugabe and OppahMuchinguri since the days of the liberation struggle. OppahMuchinguri as a young girl age 9 was abducted Boko Haram style and driven to fight the liberation war. She arrived at the camp in Mozambique when she was merely 9 years old. She grew into a fine young woman and some chefs of the liberation struggle forced their way into the young girl’s vagina. OppahMuchinguri at one point wrote a book about the other face of the struggle from a young woman’s perspective. This book was banned in post-independent Zimbabwe and Oppah was disciplined by Gen. Zvinavashe for attempting to defame the struggle yet in reality she wanted to tell the truth about the other side of the war. Oppah was then placed into the safe custody of Gen. Tongo as his PA to ensure that no one else would sexually harass the young lady. In post independent Zimbabwe ,Oppah worked in the President’s office and well they had a very warm relationship with R. G. Mugabe. It was during the time of this relationship that Tanya Rushesha was born. Gushungo knew that his wife Sally could not bear any children for him and he had been trying to have children to bear his name and legacy. It was during this time that Tanya Oppah’s daughter was conceived . When Tanya was born Oppah rose through the ranks and ended up as a Minister in the government of Zimbabwe. Considering how Gushungo values education it was surprising to many that Oppah was promoted without a degree. This was a way of rewarding her for having born Tanya. It was after the rise of Grace MarufuGoreraza , to the post of First lady that OppahMuchinguri was being sidelined from mainstream politics. Oppah and Grace have had a long standing feud that emanated from the corridors of the President’s office. It came as a surprise to many that OppahMuchinguri was spearheading or engineering the rise of Dr. Amai Grace Mugabe. This is very simple to explain, and to those of us who served as bodyguards during the period of the goings on understand that Gushungo is a family man with very strong family beliefs , and would never let his own family and children suffer. To this end, Gushungo made peace between Oppah and Grace and told them to work together, for the sake and safety of themselves and the kids in a post- Gushungo era. OppahMuchinguri has always loved Gushungo and that is not a secret , everyone in the system knows that. Tanya has always been well looked after, at the age of 21 she had her own flight academy (AirBonfare), how many 21 year old females ever own flight academies , she has owned a nursing home and now has a housing project in Chinhoyi and she hasn’t even turned 25. Tanya Rushesha really is Robert Mugabe’s daughter and that is the reason why Oppah divorced TapiwaRushesha , that is the reason why Oppah felt cheated after Robert Mugabe married Grace ahead of Oppah, that is the reason why many of us find it odd that Oppah and Grace have joined hands against the rise of Joyce Mujuru – Unedited letter