Jonathan Moyo Releases Chiwenga’s Reasons For Coup, Minutes Of Meeting With Mugabe

Self exiled former Higher Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has released documents that he claims are part of Retired General Constantino Chiwenga reasons for the military intervention in November last year code named Operation Restore Legacy.

Moyo also released a document he said is part of the minutes of a meeting held between Chiwenga and former president Robert Mugabe during the military takeover that resulted in Mugabe’s resignation. Below are Chiwenga’s talking points for


Politicians to stop reckless utterances against the military which are causing alarm and despondency within the rank and file which may result in anarchy thereby threatening peace and security in the country

The Party to afford every Party member a fair and equal chance of being heard or elected and the whole democratic process to be observed from the cell up and no imposition of candidates.

Cease all purging in the Party and Government and reunite the Party by reinstating all previous victims.


Implement the recommendations of the War Veterans Indaba and reintegrate all war veterans into the mainstream of the Party and Government.

The known counterrevolutionary elements who have foment the current instability in the Party be weeded out both in the Party and Government.

Security of tenure of employment as it relates to the provision of the current Constitution of Zimbabwe.

A clear cut road map for succession in the Party including a […] start and going for a new election in 2018

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So in his so-called “inaugural face-to-face meeting” with President Mugabe during the on 16 Nov 2017, General took a one-page with 7 “Talking Points” (REASONS FOR THE ) 6 were about factional politics & one about his security of tenure as . Shame!