Watch : Mary Chiwenga Strange Illness Continues ..Is this witchcraft or skin lightening chemicals?

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Mary Chiwenga the spouse of the weak Vice President General Constantino Nyikadzino Dominic Chiwenga  ‘s hands continue to swell.

Speaking at the burial of his sister Margaret Machekabuwe at Machekabuwe Farm yesterday, Acting President Chiwenga said the illness caused the lightening of his skin prompting some sections of the media to speculate that he was applying skin lightening creams.

“Today we want to set the record straight on one issue now that journalists are here.

“When we did our operation to normalise things in the country, I was with General (Philip Valerio) Sibanda and many others, they are brave men indeed.

“We also informed vaMatanga (then Deputy Commissioner-General of Police) about the plan,” Acting President Chiwenga said.

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