Bright Zimbabwean Student Faces United Kingdom Deportation

David Jokonya (24)
David Jokonya (24)

A Zimbabwean university student has been detained and is facing deportation from the UK.

David Jokonya (24) was detained on January 3 when he went to report at a police station. He was due to write his final examinations two days later. He came to the UK on a temporary visa in November 2012 from Zimbabwe to join his mum and family.

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 David submitted an asylum claim in February 2013 and it was declined in 2015. They have since submitted several other appeals which were also declined. A Discretionary Leave to Remain was submitted in 2016 based on family ties in the UK and the fact that he is studying but it was declined in 2016.

David is studying a degree BA in Quantity Surveying at Anglia Ruskin university which his Mum has been paying international fees for. He was due to take his final exam on 5th January 2018, however when he went to sign in on 3 January 2018 he was detained by the Home Office citing that they had sent him a refusal on his latest application.

However David had not received it. David is currently in detention since 3rd January 2018 at Morton Hall Immigration Removal Centre in Lincoln. Appeals submitted by the solicitor to release David have been refused since he’s been in detention and he is faced with imminent deportation. An application for bail has been lodged to the Supreme Court and hearing is on Wednesday 17 January 2018 for the Judge to decide David’s fate.

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