General Chiwenga : Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Your Vice President

You probably think you know Vice President General (Rtd) Chiwenga very well.

1.General Chiwenga Shot Himself Twice In The Chest After being caught Cheating In Exam in the 1980s

Vice President General (Rtd) Chiwenga

2. Chiwenga used to be beaten by former wife Jocelyn Mauchaza

3. General Constantine Chiwenga dumped his wife of 14 years Jocelyn Mauchaza to marry supermodel Mary Mubaiwa, ex-wife to footballer Shingirai Kawondera.

4. Chiwenga, met Jocelyn Mauchaza while she was a waitress at Jobs Night Spot along Julius Nyerere Way in downtown Harare and they never had children together although the pair grabbed newly born triplets from Chitungwiza Hospital in 2009.

5. Chiwenga is plotting to reunite with UK based mother of his 4 sons. One a pastor at ZAOGA, another a postdoctoral researcher , another based in Asia and another unemployed.
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